Art Happenings


Paul Butler
Centennial Concert Hall Lobby

The Collage Party Pavilion is an interactive, sculpture designed to accommodate The Collage Party – a nomadic, collective studio where Winnipeg artist Paul Butler invites the public to collage along side each other in a social setting. Since 1997, The Collage Party has travelled all over Canada, the United States and Europe and has been staged in a range of venues including museums, universities, elementary schools, galleries, department stores and centres for artists with mental and physical disabilities. Conceived by Butler and designed by Craig Alun Smith, the Collage Party Pavilion is equipped with everything required for the production and exhibition of collage. For the New Music Festival, Butler will provide vintage record sleeves along with a spectrum of magazines for participants to create fantasy album covers from. Considered multi-disciplinary, Paul Butler’s practice is focused around community, collaboration and artist-run activity. He has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; White Columns, New York City; Creative Growth Art Centre, Oakland; and La Maison Rouge, Paris.


Neil Farber
Centennial Concert Hall

Neil Farber shows 49 mannequin sculptures. They are child sized mannequins with globes for heads. They are the representation of a little girl with a big round head presented with a variety of eyeball, dress, and globe variations. They are part of a larger sculptural and photographic project Farber is working on called “Little girls/ Globe heads” where the sculptures are photographed creating images that are similar to drawings he makes.


Rodney Graham
Send Your Child to Art School (2015)
Silk-screen posters, 18 x 24 in. ea.
Centennial Concert Hall Piano Nobile

Plug In ICA, in sponsorship of the Winnipeg New Music Festival, is pleased to present “Send Your Child to Art School” (2015) by world renowned Canadian artist Rodney Graham. This new commission first presented at the WSO on the Piano Nobile Wall as part of the WNMF and will be distributed through out Winnipeg over the coming months. Graham’s sentiment flips common criticism of artists and the arts as being non-productive contributors to society. His straightforward directive inversely draws attention to the importance of cultural production as part of building complex and reflective citizens.


WNMF Lounge Furniture provided by Art Upholstery
Centennial Concert Hall Piano Nobile

Art Upholstery’s tradition of quality workmanship began here in Winnipeg over 65 years ago. Our attention to detail and use of first class materials can be seen in many private residences and public places throughout the city. We bring this knowledge and experience to every piece we make today, be it a residential reupholstering project, custom built seating, or contract furniture for the hospitality sector. We also work with designers and architects to build contemporary furniture that is flexible enough to meet your needs at home or at work. Our modular Infinity Line does double duty as indoor/outdoor seating, can be mixed and matched and rearranged to fit your space, and even provides extra sleeping areas when needed. At Art Upholstery we work with you to find that perfect solution. Building on everything that made our business what it is, we strive to bring you modern furniture that works today. Let us update your home or workplace with a fresh look!

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